How New Real Estate Investors With No Prior Experience, Skills, Or Qualifications Can Get Paid From ONE House, THREE Different Ways…
...WITHOUT Relying On The Bank For Loans & Traditional Financing!
On this free, investor-focused masterclass, you will discover: 
The THREE Ways You Can Get Paid From ONE Deal (That Are EASY To Start Implementing Today!)
Why Relying On The Bank Is The WORST Thing That Any New Real Estate Investor Can Do
Step By Step Instructions: Finding, Making, Securing & Finalizing A Successful Deal In 2021
How To Market Yourself To
Sellers Who Are Motivated To
Sell & To Buyers Who Are
Hungry For Success
An Example of My Own LIVE Closing Calls So That You Know What To Say & How To Close Deals Like A Pro
How To Handle Important Paperwork & Remain Compliant & On Top Of Your Game As A Real Estate Investor
About Your Host | Eddie Raymond
About Your Host
Eddie Raymond
Eddie Raymond aka “Mr. Transaction Engineer,” is one of Atlanta’s top real estate entrepreneurs. Eddie began building his real estate empire after putting his career, and his financial stability on the line.

He quit his job.. When his boss would not allow him the time off to attend a four-day real estate seminar back in 2004. Upon his return from the seminar, he found himself with a wealth of knowledge and skills, and a newfound motivation and excitement for the future. So, after weighing up his options: 

“Build my own dream, and focus on building generational wealth for myself, my family, and for generations to come”


“Go job hunting, go to countless interviews that scrutinize my every move, and eventually, get hired to make someone else’s dreams come true” 

He decided to take his newfound unemployment as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to start his own journey to wealth, success and financial freedom through real estate investing. 

Within 45 days of quitting his job, Eddie made $15,000 from one translation; and the rest is history. His dreams had come true. Now, Eddie would like to help make your dreams come true. 
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